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Base Food Inc., a food tech startup established in 2016 in Tokyo, Japan, has since expanded its operations to the US. Its founder, Shun Hashimoto previously worked with DeNA, a Japanese mobile portal and e-commerce service provider. Hashimoto started Base Food with an idea of providing healthy, nutritionally balanced staple foods that are in line with the current food culture. He believes that nutrient-rich foods can improve health and lifespan, which can positively impact Japan’s declining and fast-aging population.

Base Food created a niche for itself by exploring the uncharted territory of nutritionally balanced staple foods category. The company offers convenience foods for consumers leading busier lifestyles and looking for healthier and easy to prepare options. Servicing consumers directly via subscription model on its direct-to-consumer (DTC) site provided an added advantage for Base Food. Utilizing the funds raised to gain firm foothold in the US and plans to replicate the success in European and other Asian countries. Base Food has capitalized on the growing better-for-you trend by bringing nutritional benefits into staple foods.


– Base Food was built on the notion of healthy food that resonates with food culture. Base Food claims to offer healthier, nutritionally balanced staple foods for customers who aspire to eat healthy without altering much of their food habits.

– Base Foods has ventured into the US market and plans to bring nutritionally balanced staple food to European and Asian countries next.

– Base Food is a frontrunner in the nutritionally balanced staple food space. Growing awareness of leading healthier lifestyle among the consumers will boost sales of products that offer nutritional benefits.

– Servicing consumers directly via subscription model on its DTC site provided added advantage for Base Food. Consumers lapped up staple foods during the anti-pandemic lockdowns helping the growth in Base Food sales.

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