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Nootropics are gaining popularity as consumers desire to enhance brain performance and overall health for their children. Nootropics are chemicals that alter brain functions. They can be natural or synthetic, and are commonly referred to as smart drugs, cognitive enhancers, or brain supplements. Natural nootropics are preferred over synthetic smart drugs for children due to their non-toxic properties and low-risk potential side effects.

This report is part of GlobalData's ForeSights series, which identifies weak signals and considers how the subtle trends of today might impact innovation tomorrow. It explores Nootropics for children, which are a revolutionary area of cognitive enhancing chemicals that may help improve mood and performance in children.


– There has been increased demand for high-end/premium supplements as global consumers choose to invest in better quality products for health amid COVID-19.

– Nootropic stacking allows consumers to combine different substances to achieve more robust and effective effects.

– There is broad scope for brands operating in the natural nootropics market, as consumers value claims of “natural,” “immunity-boosting,” and “non-toxic” products, especially during the pandemic.

– Further research is required by brands to understand the full effects of different nootropics on children and introduce new products to market, as current evidence is not sufficient.

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