Global Survey on Flavors and Fragrances – Key Insights from Q4 2019 Survey

This report provides a summary of flavor and fragrance preferences across key product categories in the 2019 Q4 global consumer survey. It identifies how consumer attitudes and approaches to food differ by a number of metrics, including age, region, and gender.

"100% natural" ranks within the top three most influential claims across all FMCG sectors, but has most appeal in products for children. Nuts and seeds-based snacks and nutty flavors are preferred by Generation X consumers, while the oldest consumers prefer plain flavors when snacking. Conservative tastes are a trend within older consumers, also seen in the appeal of traditional tobacco flavors, which increases with age.


– Apple is the most appealing tea flavor in every region, and is particularly popular in Latin America.

– With the exception of baobab, women are more receptive to novel juice flavors compared with men.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents



3.Alcoholic Beverages

4.Non-alcoholic Beverages




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