Top Trends in Tobacco and Anti-Smoking Products 2019

"Top Trends in Tobacco and Anti-Smoking Products 2019" is part of GlobalData's Top Trends series. It examines the key consumer behaviors which are shaping preferences within this space, and subsequently how this is translating into innovation and future opportunities.

This report outlines the key consumer and innovation trends currently impacting tobacco and anti-smoking products. This overarching segment covers an array of core categories, including cigarettes, cigars, smoking and smokeless tobacco, heat-not-burn tobacco, and e-cigarettes. The key trends explored are Heat-Not-Burn Evolution, Disruptive Vapes, Novel Sensations, Authentic and Traditional, and Alternative Smoke.


– While heat-not-burn tobacco attracts smokers by claiming to be better than cigarettes, brands are elevating the devices to deliver more on consumers' personalities and specific preferences.

– Vape innovations are disrupting the market by attracting experimental smokers, but the innovators face overriding challenges.

– While cigarettes face strict regulation, other traditional tobacco products continually seek their way to enhance sensory experience offers.

– To present aspects of heritage, authenticity, and tradition, brands are innovating their products using a connoisseur approach.

– Negative images of conventional smoking create opportunities for reduced-risk and healthier smoking alternative innovations.

Reasons to buy

– Identify how brands can innovate to engage consumers as well as showcasing best-in-class innovation examples throughout.

– Learn what consumer behavior is driving innovation using GlobalData's latest consumer research.

– Access valuable strategic take-outs to help direct future decision-making and inform new product development.

Companies mentioned

Phillip Morris

British American Tobacco

Japan Tobacco

Imperial Tobacco




Swedish Match


Sunday Goods

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Consumer Trends: what behaviors are influencing demand for tobacco and smoking alternatives

Innovation Trends: how brands are responding to evolving consumer needs

Heat-Not-Burn Evolution

Disruptive Vapes

Novel Sensations

Authentic and Traditional

Alternative Smoke

Looking Ahead: future innovation opportunities in tobacco and smoking alternatives



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