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Ingredient Insights: Opportunities in Meat Substitutes

"Ingredient Insights: Opportunities in Meat Substitutes" is part of GlobalData's research into how consumer attitudes towards alternative proteins are changing in the FMCG sector. The report analyses the evolution to date, drivers and inhibitors, and the future trends emerging from increased consumption of meat alternatives.

This report covers the growing acceptance and embracement of meat alternatives as a viable part of diets globally. It explores how consumer attitudes have evolved and the drivers behind these changes. Demographic and regional nuances in consumer attitudes are identified and attitudes towards mock meats are examined. The report concludes with a forecast of innovations and future trends to counter the threats of unchecked meat consumption.


– Meat-alternatives are growing in popularity due to consumers valuing their health benefits.

– Mycoprotein, soy, and seitan are among the most consumed meat substitutes.

– Cultured meats will become more mainstream, once the pioneering stage has been surpassed.

– Exclusively plant-based food service can be a commercial success.

– Legislation and regulation should be regarded as a sign of legitimization, and aids consumer confidence by enforcing stricter standards.

Reasons to Buy

– Recognize what has driven the evolution of consumer attitudes so far, and why consumers are increasingly consuming plant-based food.

– Identify where the market is going and how consumer attitudes will affect your relevant sector.

– Access valuable strategic take-outs to assist future decision-making and product development.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: The Meat Substitutes Market

2. Drivers and Challenges

3. Ingredients Spotlight

4. Innovation: How are manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operators capitalizing?

5. Looking Ahead: What’s Next?

6. Appendix


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