Category Packaging Opportunities: Non-Alcoholic Drinks – Identifying pack formats and features that make a brand worth paying more for

"Category Packaging Opportunities: Non-Alcoholic Drinks", explores new packaging formats and value-added features in the non-alcoholic drinks category, using examples from GlobalData's Pack-Track innovation tool.

The non-alcoholic drinks sector has always been very busy and competitive, with manufacturers trying to meet consumer needs on many levels, either by satisfying their busy lifestyles, making the consumption process easer and hassle-free, or introducing novel solutions for those who like to be surprised and try something extraordinary. Packaging is a key element that can provide differentiation and important added-value benefits. It is crucial to be different from competitors, hence the trend for non-typical or novel solutions that facilitate consumption or even introduce a completely different level of use. We have used GlobalData's Pack-Track packaging innovation tool to identify new packaging developments within the category, and this report discusses special features and benefits of examples we like, and how they fit in with current consumer trends within GlobalData's TrendSights framework.

Key Questions Answered

– What drives packaging innovations in non-alcoholic drinks?

– What notable new formats and value-added features have been introduced in this category in recent years?

– Which consumer trends have these packaging innovations capitalized on?

– How can non-alcoholic drinks manufacturers use packaging to stay ahead of the game in a crowded marketplace?


– Packaging plays a vital role in consumers' product choices, allowing interaction and connecting them with the brand. Solutions such as games or gadgets incorporated into the product pack make the consumption experience more personal.

– New technology, including virtual reality, has been adopted by several brands, bringing a modern twist to some well known products.

– Packs that help to free hands or offer hygienic or even sterile dispensing are useful for those who commute in busy urban environments.

– Elegant and neat design is equally important and well received by those who like to please themselves either for personal or social reasons.

Reasons to buy

– Use GlobalData's Category Packaging Opportunities reports to inspire innovation.

– Understand the relevant consumer trends that drive and support innovation so you can tap into what is really impacting the industry.

– Appreciate the importance of packaging in the overall consumer experience of a product and how this can help to drive brand loyalty.

Companies mentioned

Icelandic Water Holdings ehf

R. Twining & Co. Ltd.

Ildong Foodis Co. Ltd.



Smart Cups LLC

Xiao Guan Tea

SIS Natural

Rauch Fruchtsaefte GmbH & Co

A. Tosh & Sons (India) Ltd

KVELL Group GmbH


Cremo SA

Trilliant Food & Nutrition LLC

S.C. Coca-Cola HBC Romania S.R.L.

Buddha Teas

Bio Planet S.A.

Red Bull India Pvt Ltd

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Category Packaging Opportunities: Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Category Packaging Opportunities: Spotlight

Category Packaging Opportunities: Examples We Like

Category Packaging Opportunities: TrendSights

Category Packaging Opportunities: Action Points



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