Success Case Study: Uber Eats in the UK – Leveraging the Uber brand to serve consumers’ round-the-clock food delivery needs

Online/app-based food delivery is a growth market in the face of pressure on traditional quick-service restaurants. This has inspired both new start-ups and bigger brands with logistics and online clout to explore such services, with competition springing up in major cities in markets such as the US, UK, and Europe.

Uber Eats is a food delivery service originating in the US but now expanding in the UK, offering app-based ordering and facilitating delivery through its own driver network from local restaurant kitchens, as well as exclusive "virtual restaurants".


– The efficiency that smart technologies and solutions offer resonates with consumers, particularly those who are time-pressed or efficacy-driven.

– Within food delivery, this means an inexorable march towards app-based mobile and website-based ordering becoming an expected means of interacting with restaurants.

– Consumers' idea of convenience in the food delivery sphere is becoming much broader – a reflection of their needs continuing to diverge from the relatively predictable patterns of daily activities and mealtime occasions of the past.

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Companies mentioned

Uber Eats


Just Eat


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. What?

3. Why?

4. Take-Outs

5. Appendix


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