Top Trends in Healthcare and OTC Products 2018 – The latest trends in: OTC medication; vitamins, minerals, and supplements; functional food and drink; and sports nutrition

"Top Trends in Healthcare and OTC Products 2018", covers key trends to watch within the healthcare and OTC products sector, drawing upon GlobalData's TrendSights framework, insight analysis, innovation intelligence, and product examples.

The healthcare and OTC products sector represents a highly dynamic scenario for growth and innovation, with consumer demand continually evolving towards products targeting different health needs, and the desire for efficient offerings with smart technology. This report’s focus is on the latest key consumer and innovation trends impacting the core segments within OTC medication; vitamins, minerals, and supplements; functional food and drink; and sports nutrition.


– The rising profile of plant ingredients in food and drink has inspired healthcare brands to develop plant-based formula.

– Consumers have increasingly paid attention to cognitive and mental health and how it affects general wellbeing.

– The growing usage of health-monitoring devices shows consumers' rising health awareness and the escalating obsession about health.

– Combining sports nutrition with beauty benefits offers a key opportunity.

– The traditional perception of OTC medicines is changing as consumers are looking for a sensory element in their healthcare products.

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Companies mentioned


The Juice PLUS+ Company UK

Nuun & Company

New Chapter MBG

Good Night Drink



trimino Brands Company

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

1. Introduction 6

2. Innovation Trends in Healthcare and OTC Products

Plant Power 12

Mental Wellbeing 17

Smart Technology 22

Active Beauty 27

Healthy Pleasure 32

3. The Future 37

4. Appendix 38


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