Top Trends in Soft Drinks 2018: Exploring trends in soft drinks

"Top Trends in Soft Drinks 2018", covers key trends to watch within the soft drinks sector, drawing upon GlobalData's TrendSights framework, insight analysis, innovation intelligence and product examples.

The soft drinks sector represents a highly dynamic space for growth as consumers’ quest for experimentation continues to evolve. Overarching themes include a growing demand for 'craft' soft drink options, functional hybrid beverages, sustainable and ethical drinks, and beverages with added carbonation.


– High-sugar drinks are now seen as indulgent beverages to be consumed as an occasional treat rather than a habit, hence focus is shifting towards quality and authenticity.

– The move away from plastic packaging towards more sustainable alternatives, such as beverage cartons and aluminum cans, is gaining pace.

– Health-conscious consumers faced with pressures from work and life are seeking products that deliver an energy boost to help fuel their hectic lifestyles, without compromising on health.

– Producers are supporting socio-economic or environmental causes that seek to improve the welfare of societies, communities or the environment to improve brand image and resonate with ethically-conscious consumers.

– Energy waters, sports waters, and juice-infused waters present major opportunities in the soft drink market as they deliver on a sensory and functional level while maintaining health appeal.

– A new generation of carbonated beverages includes sparkling coconut water, vinegar drinks and even RTD tea and coffee, and all are positioned as “healthful” CSD alternatives.

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Companies mentioned



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Wandering Bear

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1893 Cola

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Coco Fuzion


Cide Road


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Top Trends in Soft Drinks

Authentic Indulgence

Beyond Plastic

Natural Energizers

Ethical Soft Drinks

Water Hybrids

Added Carbonation

3. The Future

4. Appendix


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