Snapshot of Beer and Cider Innovation Trends: How key consumer trends are affecting innovation in beer and cider

The popularity of craft beers, as well as technological developments that made such beverages easily available, have led to consumers feeling overloaded with choice. Bombarding consumers with beers produced by small independent breweries, as well as craft breweries being bought by big companies, has led to devaluation of the "craft" concept, which means manufacturers need to find a new way to cut through the noise and add value to the beverages.

The analysis in this report identifies the key trends shaping consumption of beer and cider, in the context of new product innovations in these categories and evolving consumer attitudes and preferences.


– New experiences: consumers want authenticity, but constant bombardment with craft launches and unusual flavors means manufacturers need to find new ways to stand out.

– A new wave of “in-speriences” (on-trade experiences at-home) will drive demand for DIY beer and cider gadgets that are easy to use to produce “right-for-me” beverages at home.

– While consumers want new experiences, they do not want to spend much time in their search for them, so manufacturers should invest in new technology that provides minimum effort from the consumer side. Encouraging consumers to share their social network information will help brands to understand consumer needs more precisely.

Reasons to buy

– Uncover the consumer trends that are driving change in beer and cider.

– See examples of how companies are innovating to meet this demand.

– Find out what is next for the category.

Companies mentioned



Kompania Piwowarska SA





Zimmermann-Graeff & Mueller GmbH




Asahi Breweries

Rocket Brewing Co

Estrella Galicia

Bochkari brewers

The Portsmouth Brewery

Sulimar Sp. z o.o.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Snapshot of trends

2. Authentic experiences

3. Novel flavors

4. At-home “in-speriences”

5. Packaging and presentation

6. Food-drink pairing

7. Healthy lifestyles

8. Gender-specific and cross-gender appeal

9. Social media influence

10. Conclusions

11. What next?

12. Appendix


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