Smart and Simple Packaging: Packaging innovations that are reshaping consumer perceptions of brands and products

"Smart and Simple Packaging", examines consumer preferences and industry trends in packaging, particularly those with digitally connected and environmentally friendly positionings. It examines why these innovations are important, who the target market is, and how FMCG brands can best capitalize on the trend.

Packaging is critical for building positive perceptions of a brand as well as winning over new consumers. When standing in a shopping aisle, packaging is the initial differentiator for consumers. Incorporating novel packaging can help define a product as either innovative or environmentally friendly. Smart and simple packaging stands out as addressing key consumer needs and concerns. These styles of packaging can add value to a product by giving consumers more information about the brand or by directly expressing sustainable values through simple and environmentally friendly packaging.


– 39% of consumers globally view grocery products that feature standout packaging favorably or much more favorably.

– 86% of consumers globally find on-package information that allows you to see where the product was made somewhat or very appealing.

– 53% of consumers globally agree that buying environmentally friendly products makes them feel less guilty when shopping.

Reasons to buy

– Understand the factors that consumers consider when buying products.

– Understand consumer concerns about packaging.

– Understand advancements in smart packaging.

– Understand the main opportunities within packaging.

Companies mentioned

Johnnie Walker

Yeastie Boys


Seventh Generation

Frugal Pac

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Smart Packaging

Simple Packaging

Take Outs and Future Outlook



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