TrendSights Analysis: Next-Generation Shopping – Creating next-generation retail experiences in the digital age

"TrendSights Analysis: Next-Generation Shopping" explores the new and emerging concept of next-generation shopping in the FMCG industry, explaining what it is and asking why it is important. The report also considers the various actors involved and the impact of the trend on consumers, retailers, and supply chains. The conclusions reached are underpinned by GlobalData's unique blend of proprietary consumer insight and innovation knowledge.

The consumer desire for convenience has driven rapid technological change in the FMCG retail space, where self-service checkout systems and contactless payment technology provide consumers with a "seamless" shopping experience. The search for immersive consumption experiences, however, threatens to disrupt the primacy of convenience by challenging bricks-and-mortar retailers to create tangible in-store experiences for consumers to enjoy.


– Digital lifestyles are leading consumers to seek tangible, physical experiences.

– The next 10 years will be crucial for bricks-and-mortar retailers as they attempt to balance competing consumer demands for convenience and enhanced in-store consumption experiences.

– Next-Generation Shoppers are likely to be digitally minded and experience-seekers.

– Food is experience-driven, and consumers enjoy researching it – not only with digital devices but with their senses also – preparing it, and using it for social occasions and moments of indulgence. This explains why online retailers account for only 15% of food and grocery shopping.

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– Understand which audiences are most affected by the Next-Generation Shopping trend and adjust core value proposition to suit.

– Compare the presence of this trend in each industry across the FMCG space, and learn what the key opportunities are.

– See the steps that key industry actors are taking to meet the demands of next-generation shoppers.

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Table of Contents

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