Top Trends in Healthcare and OTC 2017: Meeting The Needs For More Personalized Healthcare Products Which Meet Evolving Consumer Lifestyles

"Top Trends in Healthcare and OTC 2017", covers key trends to watch within the healthcare and over-the-counter sector, drawing upon GlobalData's TrendSights framework, insight analysis, innovation intelligence, and product examples.

Global consumers are becoming more health-conscious as a reaction to rising obesity levels and lifestyle-related illnesses, such as diabetes, in the modern world. Additionally, consumers' busy lives means that many lack the time to exercise and eat more health foods, which means that healthcare and OTC products are increasingly used as a simple, effective way to promote personal wellbeing and overall health. Therefore, consumers demand more natural, convenient, multifunctional, and personalized products to suit their hectic and complex lives.


– 66% of global consumers agree that they are more likely to purchase products developed for their lifestyles.

– 77% of global consumers believe that "natural" claims are nutritious.

– 19% of global consumers will usually turn first to the internet for health or medical advice compared to 43% who first go to doctors or medical professionals.

Reasons to buy

– Explore four key innovation trends spanning a range of topics such as the use of new technologies to create smart healthcare solutions and meeting the needs of modern on-the-go consumer lifestyles.

– Identify how healthcare and OTC brands can use innovation to take advantage of shifting consumer behaviors such as a demand for natural solutions and more targeted and personalized offerings.

– Learn what is driving consumer behavior within healthcare and OTC using GlobalData's latest consumer research to inform marketing and new product development decisions.

– Access valuable strategic take-outs to help direct future decision-making and inform new product development in the healthcare and OTC space.

Companies mentioned




Kuxtal Alimentos Funcionales

Berocca Performance

Dr. Jacob's

Optrex Night Restore


Vive Organic


Nature's Jeannie

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Innovation Trends in Healthcare and OTC

Multifunctional Products

Tailor-Made For Me

Natural Lifestyles

Smart Healthcare

The Future



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