TrendSights Analysis: Environmental Responsibility – Meeting consumers’ environmentally conscious expectations

Environmental Responsibility is a constituent trend within the Sustainability & Ethics mega-trend. It reflects consumers' broadening concern about the global environment and how that is influencing their attitude towards consumption and brands and producers.

Consumers and brands/producers are all increasingly making decisions based on responsibility towards the natural environment, driving a need for continual improvement in genuinely responsible products and services.


– Consumers are becoming more educated about the environmental impact of their product choices and increasingly basing those choices, at least partially, on a more responsible ethos with respect to natural impact.

– Brands are responding through targeting "green" consumers mainly by using environmentally friendly claims on product packaging (e.g. "recyclable," "natural ingredients," "eco-friendly," "locally produced").

– With consumers inclined to be critical of brands' messages, the onus is on producers to convince beyond mere marketing copy and be committed to mitigating the environmental impact of their products and businesses.

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Companies mentioned

Trader Joe's

Raw Food Central

Varni Brothers

Banrock Station


Body Shop


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Trend snapshot

What is Environmental Responsibility?

Why is Environmental Responsibility important?

Who is driving Environmental Responsibility?

How can Environmental Responsibility be capitalized on?

What next in Environmental Responsibility?



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