Top Trends in Beauty and Grooming 2017: Embedding Digital into Beauty Regimes, Redefining the Natural Proposition, and Meeting Evolving Consumer Preferences

"Top Trends in Beauty and Grooming 2017" is part of GlobalData's Top Trends series. It examines the key consumer behaviors which are shaping preferences within this space, and subsequently how this is translating into innovation and future opportunities.

The beauty and grooming sector represents a highly dynamic space for growth as consumers’ quest for efficacy and experimentation continues and evolves. Overarching themes continue to be the evolution of “anti-aging”, the influence of Asia on beauty regimes, and the hyper-image consciousness driven by tech and social media integration in day-to-day life.


– In recent years, the growth of online influencers such as beauty bloggers and vloggers has changed how consumers purchase products through influencing consumer choices and over half of consumers globally are more trusting of blogger/user reviews compared to brand claims.

– Consumers want to align products with their lifestyles, creating opportunities to transfer health concepts from food and drink to beauty and grooming innovation.

– By giving users more control over product formulations, consumers are able to benefit from tailoring products at home on a daily basis depending on their mood, lifestyle, or beauty needs.

Reasons to buy

– Explore six key innovation trends spanning a range of topics such as the impact of digital, evolving perceptions of natural, and harnessing unique formats to better fit into modern consumer lifestyles.

– Identify how beauty and grooming brands can use innovation to take advantage of overarching industry trends such as shift away from traditional “anti-aging” claims and the continued fascination with Asian beauty regimes.

– Learn what is driving consumer behaviour within beauty and grooming using GlobalData's latest consumer research to inform marketing and new product development decisions.

– Access valuable strategic take-outs to help direct future decision-making and inform new product development in the beauty and grooming space.

Companies mentioned


Kylie Cosmetics





Dr Sebagh







May Coop





Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Innovation Trends in Beauty and Grooming

Trend 1: Tech + beauty

Trend 2: The new natural

Trend 3: DIY beauty

Trend 4: “Craft” beauty

Trend 5: “Make it instant, make it to go”

Trend 6: “Make it a mask”

3. The Future

4. Appendix


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