Top Trends in Beauty and Grooming; Exploring the skincare, make-up, haircare, fragrances, suncare, and male grooming categories

The rise of social media has resulted in limitless social interactions and an image-based culture, further adding to the appearance-consciousness of consumers. This appearance-consciousness continues to expand beyond the individual and is now an expansive concern being placed upon children, and even pets.

Consumers are depending on beauty offerings to facilitate engagement with a "selfie" culture and efficacy is being prioritized as a key purchasing motivator for consumers.

This is particularly important given that over half of global consumers believe improving appearance to be the greatest benefit of beauty products.

Consumer trends within food and drink are heavily influencing the direction of the wellbeing concept in beauty, with the perception that an ingredient or approach being good for health on the inside must do the same on the outside.


Top Trends in Beauty and Grooming" shows how the beauty and grooming space continues to rapidly evolve in response to changing consumer behaviors and needs. It seeks to explore the key trends and future opportunities which are being shaped by these behaviors.

CONSUMER INSIGHT: Data analyzed from Canadean's consumer surveys delivers a clear picture of the global consumer in relation to the beauty and grooming categories.

TRENDS: Understand the key consumer and innovation trends impacting the global market and analyze the key implications across packaging, formulation, and positioning.

INNOVATION: See the best examples of innovation and recommendations for brands operating in the market.

Reasons to buy

Identifies the key consumer behaviors shaping the beauty and grooming space and resulting trends.

Offers specific insight and implications into each beauty and grooming category.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Innovation Trends in Beauty and Grooming

i.Trend 1: Multi-step me

ii.Trend 2: Health-inspired

iii.Trend 3: Environmental protection

iv.Trend 4: Evolving routes to customization

v.Trend 5: #Iwokeuplikethis

3. Conclusions

4. Appendix


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