Foodservice Insights & Trends – Sustainability

The Sustainability & Ethics mega-trend has been brought to life in foodservice by environmentally and socially responsible consumers and external activists striving to mitigate the negative environmental and social effects caused by consumption. As the desire to live more environmental, ethical, and responsible lifestyles influences society, foodservice brands are recognizing the need to move to more sustainable operations.

"Foodservice Insights & Trends – Sustainability” published by GlobalData provides extensive insight and analysis of the sustainability trend in foodservice, creating new obstacles and opportunities for operators.

The report includes –

– Market Overview of how sustainability is manifesting in foodservice

– Deep dive into how this is impacting food, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

– Spotlight on efficiency, waste and sourcing.

– Short Case studies lookign at " Robot Deliveries", "Pret", and "Bell, Book and Candle"


– Consumer and government concerns about climate change, resource scarcity, product waste, pollution, and the wellbeing of wider society is driving the mega-trend. Changing international and personal attitudes regarding the environment and society translate into demand for corporate change.

– In 2018, the Sustainability & Ethics mega-trend had the most influence on the purchases of Generation Y (Millennials). Generation Y are considered to be a driving force for societal change, encouraging manufacturers to act responsibly, highlighting a key audience to target with sustainable and ethical offerings.

– Brands can enhance their perceived social and environmental responsibility by creating products with sustainable, biodegradable formulations, or utilizing food waste productively.

– Brands should look beyond the use of plastic for packaging and explore innovative concepts such as biodegradable packaging in the food sector in future.

Reasons to buy

– Consumer Insight focused analysis of sustainability in foodservice and what it means for operators as well as the market as a whole.

– Learn about core drivers of the market shifts and how these are likely to play out in the future from a consumer insight perspective.

– Relevant case studies will allow readers to learn from and apply lessons discovered from key developments in the market.

Companies mentioned

McDonald's Corporation

Long Arm Pub

Prety a Manger

Beckett's dry gin

Veuve Cliquot

AB inBev





Chick Fil-A



Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Focus on Sustainable Foodservice

Focus on Food

Focus on Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Focus on Alcoholic Drinks

Key Trends

Focus on Efficiency and Waste

Focus on Sourcing6. Appendix

Focus on Plant-based Food and Drink

Focus on the Sustainable Consumer



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