Foodservice insights & trends: Emerging & Ubiquitous cuisines

Due to population growth, there has been a general increase in the value of food consumed by the world. Europe and North America will see a slight retraction in growth due to consumers who are health-conscious about food consumption. Cuisines that have shaped the eating habits of consumers include some of the most influential and history rich countries such as America, China and Italy. Some of these cuisines find their ubiquity in fine dining occasions, but the true path to ubiquity lies in finding ways to make the food convenient to consumers, through time scarcity or monetary value.

"Foodservice Insights & Trends – Ubiquitous and Emerging” published by GlobalData provides extensive insight and analysis into the growing trend toward Ubiquitous and Emerging operations, and how urbanization and digitalization are increasing impacting the development of these trends. The report includes –

– Market overview of global foodservice and how the trend is developing across different regions.

– Deep dive into the consumer views underpinning these market shifts and how operators can capitalize on them.

– Spotlight on mobile operators: Giraffas, Lizarran, Semsom, Habib’s

– Short Case study highlighting the evolution of QSR creating a market gap for gourmet street food.


– Up and coming tourist destinations have a good shot at growing the popularity of their cuisine around the world.

– Hyper-connectivity brings knowledge of food that was once obscure, to light through social media, videos and blogs.

– An increasing number of people in rural areas are moving to the cities. The movement of consumers from rural locations to urban multicultural cities has enabled consumers to experience foreign cuisines as they seek to advance their palate beyond what they traditionally know.

Reasons to buy

– Consumer Insight focused analysis of ubiquitous and emerging food trends and what it means for consumers as well as the market as a whole.

– Learn about core drivers of the market shifts and how these are likely to play out in the future from a consumer insight perspective.

– Relevant case studies will allow readers to learn from and apply lessons discovered by emerging and major players within ubiquitous and emerging.

Companies mentioned

McDonald’s Franchise Gmbh

TQSR Holding and Development GmbH

Nordsee Gmbh/Austria

Food4you Gmbh

Table of Contents

Table of contents

Executive Summary

Market Overview – Food at a glance

Market Overview – Ubiquitous cuisines by global penetration

Market Overview – Emerging cuisines by global penetration

Consumer Trends – Key Trends amongst global consumers

Key Players in emerging cuisines

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