Opportunities in Craft Spirits

Following the success of craft beer over the past few decades, the spirits industry is starting to take hold of the craft movement. Indeed, there is a shift happening in consumer preferences, away from mass-produced brands and towards spirits made with craftsmanship. Authentic experiences are in demand and more consumers are looking to experiment with innovative and quirky flavored spirits. This has led a number of distillers to increase their craft offerings to gain an early foothold in this emerging market.


"Opportunities in Craft Spirits" is part of Canadean's Hot Topics research. It explores the top trends and innovation themes within the craft spirits industry.

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Companies mentioned


Pernod Ricard/Absolut

Rogue Ales & Spirits

Chase Distillery

Del Maguey Single Village






Big Bottom Distilling

Indio Spirits & Distillery

Bull Run Distilling

Mikkeller and Braunstein.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Consumer attitudes

3. Innovation opportunities

4. Key take-outs

5. What next?

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