TrendSights Analysis: Social Responsibility; Understanding the issues and impacts of socially responsible consumption

Social Responsibility has been a growing trend in the FMCG market in recent years as manufacturers, suppliers, brands, and consumers strive to limit the negative economic, social, and political effects caused by their actions. It is increasingly driven by consumer demand for brands that "the right thing" and their desire to live a more ethical lifestyle that they believe benefits their personal wellbeing. As a result, brands have been trying to reposition themselves and their products as more ethical to appeal to discerning consumers that want high-quality FMCG goods that are more responsible to the environment, workers, and communities. This is especially influential for the food, non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic drinks, personal care, and pet care categories.


"TrendSights Analysis: Social Responsibility" provides insight into how brands and consumers are placing more emphasis on ethics to benefit brands, consumers, and workers throughout the supply chain. Brands can use this trend to grow sales by positioning themselves as the solution to consumers who want luxurious, high-quality products that positively impacts the communities they operate in throughout the world.

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How relevant is Social Responsibility to my market

What does Social Responsibility mean to my category

What trends are driving and limiting Social Responsibility consumption

Which Social Responsibility opportunities should I target

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Understand which audiences, categories, and products are most affected by the Social Responsibility trend.

Compare the presence of this trend in each industry across the FMCG space and learn what the key opportunities are.

See the actions of brands trying to target the best Social Responsibility opportunities and the results that they have seen.

Companies mentioned


Dongguan Yidong Food Company


The Co-Operative


9 Bar Super Seeds


Farm to Girl


Mary Kay Beauty


Just Bee


Shmaltz Brewing


Social Enjoyments

Reynolds American

Royal Canin


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