Cross-Category Innovation Inspirations in Hygiene, Household, and Pet Products

The lines are blurring between categories as consumers seek to experiment with novel products while also aligning offerings with their lifestyles. Opportunities therefore exist to take inspiration from across FMCG and beyond to meet these needs and create unique or disruptive innovations in doing so.

"Cross-Category Innovation Inspirations in Hygiene, Household, and Pet Products" explores cross-category innovation trends and opportunities within personal hygiene, oral hygiene, household care, and pet products.


– Food and beverages, beauty, and technology are the top three sectors that are heavily influencing cross-category innovation within hygiene, household, and pet products.

– Desire to experiment among consumers is a key driver for cross-category innovation in these product groups, with consumers most frequently experimenting within personal hygiene and oral hygiene.

– 25–34 year olds are most likely to find personal care products inspired by food and drink flavors appealing.

Reasons to buy

– Gain insight into which categories and sectors are most influencing innovation in hygiene, household, and pet products.

– Identify how brands can innovate to engage consumers.

– Learn what is driving the cross-category trend using GlobalData's latest consumer research.

Companies mentioned



Estee Lauder

Body Shop







Lily's Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen



Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Consumer insight

3. Cross category innovation inspirations

i. Oral hygiene

ii. Personal hygiene

iii. Household care

iv. Pet products

3. What next?

4. Appendix


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