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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Impact on Clinical Trials, 2021 Update

This 62-page PowerPoint based report gives an important update to the previous year with an expert analysis on how COVID-19 is impacting clinical trials and the potential move toward decentralized clinical trials. Findings are based on a survey conducted with 154 respondents from around the world that belonged to Pharma/Biotech, Government/Academic Institutions, CROs, CMOs, or other contract service providers.

The report includes:

Study Design and Key Findings.

Primary Concerns, which include business concerns, clinical trial concerns for decentralized clinical trials and addressing trial disruption.

Movement Toward Decentralized Trials, including pre and post pandemic decentralized clinical trials use, future movement toward using decentralized clinical trials and cost comparison.

Challenges Facing Decentralized Trials, which explores the biggest challenges, changes, considerations and risk deviations for decentralized clinical trials.


A total of 154 GlobalData Pharma clients and prospects from the around the world participated in the seven-minute survey, which was fielded from August 3, 2021 to September 2, 2021.

This report includes and is based around industry opinions on COVID-19’s impact on clinical trials and the use of decentralized clinical trials.

Reasons to Buy

Understand companies’ primary concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Determine the impact of COVID-19 to date on clinical trials.

Assess companies’ future plans to use decentralized clinical trials.

Track changes to clinical trial strategy and attitudes.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (PowerPoint Deck)

1 Study Design

1.1 Background

1.2 Objectives and Design

1.3 Respondent Mix

1.4 Respondent Profiles

2 Key Findings

3 Primary Business and Clinical Trial Concerns

3.1 Primary Business Concerns

3.2 Primary Clinical Trial Concerns

3.3 Clinical Trial Disruptions

3.4 Addressing Clinical Trial Disruptions

4 Movement Toward Decentralized Trials

3.1 Pre-pandemic Decentralized Trials Use

3.2 Post-pandemic Decentralized Trials Use

3.3 Future Movement Toward Decentralized Clinical Trial Use

3.4 Cost Comparison

4 Challenges Facing Decentralized Trials

4.1 Biggest Challenges

4.2 Biggest Changes

4.3 Biggest Considerations

4.4 Risk Deviations

5 Summary

6 Appendix


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