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The Slovenian social security system includes social insurance, social assistance schemes and family benefits. It covers the risks of employees, self-employed persons, unemployed persons, persons taking care of family members and individuals without the necessary minimum resources. Contributions to the social security system are made by employees, employers and self-employed individuals. The total employee and employer contribution rates amount to 22.10% and 16.10% of the gross earnings of employees respectively, with no maximum amount. Self-employed individuals have to pay both employer and employee contributions at the same rate. The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family and Equal Opportunities is the administrative body that governs the country's social security system. Voluntary supplementary pension programs are offered to employees by private companies.


This report provides a detailed analysis of employee benefits in Slovenia:

• It offers a detailed analysis of the key government-sponsored employee benefits, along with private benefits

• It covers an exhaustive list of employee benefits, including retirement benefits, death in service benefits, long-term disability benefits, short-term sickness benefits, medical benefits, workmen's compensation, maternity and paternity benefits, family benefits, minimum resources, unemployment, long-term care benefits and private benefits

• It highlights the economic and regulatory situations relating to employee benefits in Slovenia

Key Highlights

• Social insurance in Slovenia is provided with mandatory pension and invalidity insurance, mandatory health insurance, unemployment insurance and parental protection insurance

• Cash benefits are provided in the form of parental allowances, childbirth grants, child benefits, large family allowances, special childcare allowances and partial payment for loss of income

• Slovenian individuals are provided with various social assistance and social security benefits

• The voluntary supplementary insurance was introduced in 2000 with the Pension and Disability Insurance Act

• Voluntary supplementary insurance is a defined-contribution plan divided into two types of pension plans: personal or individual pension plans, for which contributions are made by individuals; and occupational or collective pension plans which are partly or fully sponsored by the employer, where employees can also be included

Reasons to buy

• Make strategic decisions using in-depth information related to Slovenian employee benefits

• Assess the Slovenian employee benefits market, including state and compulsory benefits and private benefits

• Gain insights into the key employee benefit schemes offered by private employers in the country

• Gain insights into key regulations governing Slovenian employee benefits, and their impact on companies

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Table of Contents

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List of Tables

Table 1: Definitions

Table 2: Slovenia – Country Statistics

Table 3: Slovenia – Recent Amendments to Regulations

Table 4: Slovenian Death-in-Service Benefits – Family Pension

Table 5: Slovenian Maternity and Paternity Benefits – Duration of Leaves

Table 6: Slovenian Family Benefits – Child Benefit

Table 7: Slovenian Unemployment Benefits – Duration of Payment

Table 8: Slovenian Long-term Care – Benefits in Kind

List of Figures

Figure 1: Directorates of the Slovenian Social Security System

Figure 2: Slovenian GDP Per Capita at Constant Prices (US$), 2008–2012

Figure 3: Slovenian GDP at Current Prices (US$ Billion), 2008–2012

Figure 4: Slovenian GDP Per Capita at Current Prices (US$), 2008–2012

Figure 5: Slovenian GDP by Key Sector (%), 2008 and 2012

Figure 6: Slovenian Inflation Rate (%), 2007–2013

Figure 7: Slovenian Annual Average Exchange Rate US$–EUR, 2008–2012

Figure 8: Slovenian Unemployment Rate (%), 2008–2012

Figure 9: Slovenian Household Consumption Expenditure (billions), 2008–2012

Figure 10: Slovenian Gross National Disposable Income (US$ Billion), 2008–2012

Figure 11: Slovenian Total Population (Million), 2008–2012

Figure 12: Slovenian Size of Labor Force (Million), 2008–2012

Figure 13: Slovenian Urban and Rural Populations (%), 2008–2012


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