TrendSights: Moderation & Avoidance



Offers unique insight into consumer motivations for avoiding and restricting their consumption of certain products and/or ingredients.

Understand the differences between forced and chosen moderation or avoidance, and how this impacts different categories.

Contains key innovation examples from across the food, non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic drinks, personal care, household care, and tobacco.

Key topics explored include food villains, portion control, allergen-free foods, and anti-smoking aids.

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How does Moderation & Avoidance fit into Canadean Consumer's overall TrendSights framework

What does the Moderation & Avoidance sub-trend mean for core product and marketing innovation in my sector

What are the underlying motivations underpinning consumer preferences for "free-from" foods

How does the Moderation & Avoidance sub-trend apply to categories other than food and drinks

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