Entry Strategies and Opportunities in Emerging Markets – Household Care and Personal Care



Identifies the top opportunities across the home care, laundry and beauty sectors in 15 emerging markets.

Highlights key economic, cultural, and other variables affecting product purchasing behaviors in each country.

Analyzes consumer attitudes such as brand preference, spending priorities, cleaning concerns and personal appearance priorities.

Benchmarks the readiness of consumers to purchase new and better products, by category and country.

Showcases examples of innovations that have successfully tapped the identified areas of opportunity.

Reasons to buy

How do brand preferences vary across product types and countries and how should this information be applied to market entry and innovation strategies

As their income rises, what types of product and service are being given highest spending priority by consumers in emerging markets

What percentage of men versus women personally buy personal/beauty care and home care products in each of the emerging markets

How do variables like ethnicity, religion, education, sanitation and so on impact consumer purchasing behavior across the emerging markets

How satisfied are consumers with the products available to them and how can areas of dissatisfaction be targeted with new products

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