Strategies for Managing Food and Drink Flavor Portfolios



Understand current thinking and practice with respect to applicable business models and the factors affecting choice of a flavor portfolio.

Assess a selection of marketing and consumer research techniques and tools that can be used to manage and optimize flavor portfolios.

Through case studies, examine the strategies used for range development and optimization in several categories and product lines.

Consider future trends and opportunities with respect to flavor portfolios.

Reasons to buy

What are the main opportunities and major limitations with respect to flavor portfolios for food and drink products

How can a product line appeal to a range of consumer segments through its flavor range

What are the main factors that affect portfolio choice and what are the implications of each

What are the differences in flavor ranges between larger players and smaller or more innovative manufacturers within a category

What are the options with respect to number of flavor variants, combination of flavors to offer, and when to introduce and discontinue flavors

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