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Future IOT Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report by combining Startup Scorecard

Strong tailwind with respect to IoT adoption for multiple applications by Startups is expected to disrupt several sectors in the future. Right from the sectors from industrial goods, retail, utilities, healthcare, agriculture, logistics to aviation, startups are offering IoT-enabled solutions ranging from connected cars, automated home, wearable technology to smart cities. A whole raft of innovative IoT startups with cutting-edge expertise spanning sectors are predicted to become tomorrow’s unicorns.


Based on GlobalData’s proprietary ranking of 10,000 top startups, 40 IoT startups globally are shortlisted, of which 25 IoT startups are predicted to become future unicorns based on GlobalData’s proprietary Machine Learning Model. The 10,000 top startups are spread over 70 countries with the US accounting for half of them, followed by China. Critical sectors in the startup universe include TMT (55%), Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare (11%), Financial Services (7%), and Retailing (4%), followed by other sectors.

Predicting Future IoT Unicorns by combining Startup Scorecard and Machine Learning model using 3 broad Patenting, Hiring and Investments trends in IoT Startups over the years. Unicorn Prediction came out to be true in recent years.

Key Highlights

The report highlights potential unicorns in the IoT market ecosystem and covers insights on VC investments, stage of startups, IoT regional investment activity, job analytics, company filing trends, and patenting activity. Comprehensive view on innovative IoT startups with cutting-edge expertise spanning across sectors are predicted to become tomorrow’s unicorns.

Reasons to Buy

GlobalData’s Potential Unicorns list offers early predictive intelligence and enables to spot tomorrow’s winners today. The model identifies venture funded companies which have the potential to become unicorns (a valuation of at least $1 billion) driven by GlobalData’s proprietary machine learning algorithm which decodes millions of interactions between key deal attributes.

Companies Mentioned

RootCloud, Ghost Locomotion Inc., Fourkites Inc., Tulip Interfaces Inc., Ambiq Micro Inc., Hologram, InfluxData Inc., Tile Inc., AiIoT Ltd., Particle, Finite State, Medigate, Foghorn Systems Inc., Blues Wireless, MachineMetrics Inc., Dreem, SPAN.IO, Evrythng Ltd., Sensoro Co., Ltd., Roambee Corporation, Verdigris Technologies Inc

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (PowerPoint Deck)

1. IoT Landscape

1.1 Key Markets

1.2 Value Chain Analysis

1.3 Tech Innovation Intensity Model

1.4 VC investment trends

1.5 IoT investment by stage of startups

1.6 IoT regional investment activity

1.7 IoT Patent Trends

1.8 IoT Hiring Trends

1.9 IoT Company Filing Analysis

1.10 Trending on Social Media

2. IoT Startups Predicted to be Unicorns

3. Methodology

List of Tables

Top Ranked Iot Startups, Startup Scorecard: Sample View


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