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Healthcare, Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape - Colombia

Published: Feb-2013    Report Format:
Report Code: GDHC0034CHR
Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
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In 2011, the population of Colombia was approximately 46 million, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 1.19%, over the 2006–2011 period. The mortality rate declined at a CAGR of 0.07%, during 2005–2010, at approximately 5.48 deaths per 1,000 population in 2010. The decline was due to advances in healthcare infrastructure and medical and diagnostic services. The value of the pharmaceutical market was estimated at $3.3 billion in 2010, and is expected to reach $9.2 billion by 2020, increasing at a projected CAGR of 10.8%.
The positive trends in the healthcare market of Colombia can be attributed primarily to:
Increasing awareness of health and well-being in society
Increasing affordability and compliance
A strategic move by the Colombian government towards compulsory health insurance


  • An overview of the pharmaceutical and medical device markets, including size, segmentation, and key drivers and barriers
  • Profiles and SWOT analyses of the major players in the pharmaceutical and medical device markets. The key players covered for the pharmaceutical market are Tecnoquimicas, Pfizer, Merck, Roche and Procaps; the key players covered for the medical device market are New Stetic, 3M, Baxter, Fresenius and Rymco.
  • An insightful review of the reimbursement and regulatory landscape, with details of the reimbursement process, regulatory agencies, and market authorization processes for new drug and medical devices
  • Detailed analysis of the political and economic environment, including economic indicators, demographics, healthcare infrastructure, and healthcare expenditures
  • An overview of the opportunities and challenges for growth in the healthcare market

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  • Develop business strategies by understanding the trends shaping and driving the healthcare market in Colombia
  • Drive revenues by understanding the key trends, reimbursement, and regulatory policies, pharmaceutical and medical device market segments, and the companies likely to impact the healthcare market in Colombia in the future
  • Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by understanding the competitive landscape in Colombia and analyzing the performance of various competitors
  • Organize your sales and marketing efforts by identifying the market categories and segments in Colombia that present the most opportunities for consolidation, investment, and strategic partnerships
  • Identify, understand, and capitalize on the opportunities and challenges in the healthcare market in Colombia

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