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  • Targeting UK Mass Affluents with Insurance

    Published: Jan-2017

    The mass affluent population in the UK is growing, meaning the demographic is an opportunity for providers selling personal insurance. Mass affluents are more likely to be male, have higher household incomes, and be married compared to retail customers. The assets of mass affluents are higher...

  • Insurtech and Customer Services: Lessons for the Incumbents

    Published: Jan-2017

    The emergence of insurtech has been fueled by new digital capabilities and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are reducing costs, changing systems and processes, and enhancing the consumer experience. From an industry burdened by outdated systems and paper-based operations, the insurtech...

  • UK Personal Lines Insurance: Distribution and Marketing 2016

    Published: Jan-2017

    In the midst of an “insurtech” revolution, the personal lines distribution space faces a number of new challenges to the status quo and a raft of opportunities to better engage with customers. New approaches are perhaps most needed by a broker channel that needs to find a reinvigorated sense...

  • 2017: Trends to Watch in Global Wealth Management

    Published: Dec-2016

    The wealth management industry has been undergoing transformation since the financial crisis, and 2017 will be another year marked with changes to business models and the way providers interact with clients. Many trends observed in 2016 will continue over the next 12 months, with regulation...

  • Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Italy 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    The market for financial products in Italy is less concentrated than in other countries. With the exception of Intesa Sanpaolo and UniCredit, few providers have a significant market share. Across all products, the branch is still the key acquisition channel, although online is making inroads...

  • Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: Sweden 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    Sweden has the potential to become the world’s first cashless society. The use of cash is declining quickly in Sweden and over half of all bank branches no longer deal with cash-based transactions. Payment cards are widely held and widely used in Sweden, and it has a strong alternative payments...

  • Insurance Competitor Profile: RSA 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    RSA Group is one of the oldest and largest commercial insurers in the world. RSA has divided its portfolio into three core regions: the UK and Ireland, Canada, and Scandinavia. RSA caters to a wide range of businesses, from SMEs to large UK-domiciled multinational companies. With its specialist...

  • Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Malaysia 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    Malaysia is a mature market, albeit still developing in many aspects. Our research shows that the country’s consumers are very similar to those in developed nations in terms of embracing the convenience brought to banking through digital platforms – and banks in Malaysia have been quick to...

  • Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: New Zealand 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    The New Zealand market is small, and less densely populated outside of Auckland, making it challenging to service. It is thus essential that digital channels form the basis of issuers’ strategies. At the core of the payment market is consumers’ embrace of debit cards and EFTPOS, which has been...

  • UK Pet Insurance: Distribution and Marketing 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    2016 saw the UK’s supermarkets and major retailers confirm their role in the distribution of pet insurance, with a significant proportion of consumers now seeking alternative channels to obtain their policies. While many pet owners still prefer to approach their insurer directly, supermarkets...

  • UK Household Insurance: Distribution and Marketing 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    The direct channel remains the preferred way to purchase home insurance and has gained market share across all three products (contents, buildings, and combined) in 2016. The banking channel is also growing due to the improvement of the UK housing market, which has increased the capacity for...

  • UK Pensions Snapshot 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    The pre- and post-retirement markets have seen some of the biggest changes for a century in the last couple of years, and these are clearly translating through to a sales impact on pensions. Automatic enrolment will be the major driving force behind premium income growth over the next five...

  • UK Travel Insurance: Distribution and Marketing 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    Financial services providers are beginning to establish a presence in the distribution of travel insurance policies. Many consumers are benefitting from being able to obtain a policy from their bank as part of a packaged feature with their current account. Convenience is an important attribute...

  • Wealth in Russia: Sizing the Market Opportunity 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    The performance of the Russian liquid wealth market is driven by strong growth in the retail savings and investments market. Given the predominant allocation in deposits, year-on-year growth has depended primarily on GDP and wage growth, which in turn have been influenced by commodity prices....

  • Retail Banking Country Snapshot: UAE 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    The UAE is overbanked with around 49 players, making it a fragmented and highly competitive market. Penetration is high and consumers are well informed and sophisticated, but the large number of expats in the UAE (over 90% of the population) creates unique requirements. Reputation is key, and...

  • Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: Spain 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    The Spanish payments market was significantly impacted by the economic crisis. While the crisis affected banks’ reputations, it also accelerated their efforts to rejuvenate in order to regain the trust of Spanish consumers. CaixaBank, BBVA, Banco Popular, and Banco Santander are the leading...

  • Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Denmark 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    Danske Bank and Nordea are the leading providers in the current account and savings account markets, with Nykredit dominating the provision of mortgages. Although branches remain the most important channel for acquisition, online – and increasingly mobile – are the main channels for ongoing...

  • UK Consumer Credit 2016: Forecasts and Future Opportunities

    Published: Dec-2016

    Consumer credit lending in 2016 will rise by 7%, but growth will slow over the forecast period, with balances outstanding reaching £292.5bn in 2020. Consumer confidence will maintain current demand, despite the uncertainty caused by the UK’s vote to leave the EU in June 2016. Strong competition...

  • Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Brazil 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    The Brazilian banking sector is highly consolidated, with a handful of large banks controlling a significant market share. Product ownership rates are high, particularly for current and savings accounts. Both younger and older age groups use branches often. Internet penetration in Brazil is...

  • Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: China 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    China represents a mature payment card market in Asia, with over 5 billion payment cards in issue. Despite a high card-per-customer ratio China is expected to see mild growth in both card numbers and the value of transactions, as mobile has become the payment mechanism of choice in the country....

  • Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: India 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    The second largest consumer market globally, India remains a cash-driven economy. However, digital payments will see growth in the Indian market, and are forecast to overtake cash transactions by 2023.The key opportunity is the digitization of payments – if they are as easy to use, convenient,...

  • Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Turkey 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    Turkey has a growing financial services market, enlivened by the innovative approach traditional banks have taken. Ownership of key financial products is widespread, with consumers favoring local providers that have a good reputation. Fintech providers are widely known in the country, though...

  • Australian IFAs, Investment Managers & Platforms 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    Financial advisors are a key distribution network for retail investors in Australia. All investment product manufacturers need to understand the priorities and criteria that advisors use to select their investment partners and platforms. As almost all advisors use a platform to manage their...

  • Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Indonesia 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    Indonesia has a sizable segment that resembles a development stage similar to markets such as Malaysia. Consumers within this segment are very much like those in developed markets, whereby they embrace the convenience brought to banking by digital platforms and are sensitive about price. On...

  • Wealth in Indonesia: Sizing the Market Opportunity 2016

    Published: Dec-2016

    The Indonesian affluent market is small but is set for continuous strong growth. Indeed, the proportions of HNW and mass affluent individuals compared to its overall size are unremarkable, and it is only the strong growth rates that are predicted that make the market so attractive. Deposits...

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