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Continuous Innovation is Key for the Success of Solar Power Industry

Published: Apr-2012    Report Format:
Report Code: GDAE0130VPT
Alternative Energy
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Over the past three decades, solar energy witnessed a great number of innovations which improved efficiencies, reduced cost of the technology, and made it commercially viable. This momentum needs to be maintained in order to go further and reach a point where generating energy from sunlight is cheaper and more profitable than any other conventional or alternative source. Innovation is necessary to increase efficiency, reduce costs further, and address the issue of storing energy produced by an intermittent source such as solar. Research in pursuit of higher efficiencies and lower costs is already in place and is gaining momentum. However, research into energy storage is in its nascent stage and can be expected to become intense in the next five to ten years.


  • The scope of the report includes:
  • Overview.
  • Necessity of innovation.
  • Scope and current scenario of innovation.
  • Trends in research and funding for such innovations.

Reasons To Buy

  • The viewpoint attempts to emphasize the importance of innovation for longivity and success of companies in the industry. It provides analysis on the necessity for innovation in the solar industry. Further, it provides analysis on the scope of innovation in the solar market. It also provides major trends in research and funding globally.

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